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Onions and more onions…

Onions are one of the ingredients that we use in huge quantities for our barbecue and grilling sauces and most of the marinades.  Many years ago Arthur started exploring traditional stock making techniques and I’m so glad that he did!  All the  onion skins, celery tops, celeriac skin and other stock making vegetable trimmings are frozen for us to use when it is soup making season.  Bones from chicken or other meats are also frozen.

This cold snap has caused me to bring out the stock pot, empty the freezer of bags of trimmings and begin to make soups.  We have roasted the bones from about 6 chickens and they are now so dessicated that they easily cut open for adding their sweetness to the stock.  I think of this as the ultimate recycling, even better than composting and we get lovely meals from all these scraps.

A few weeks ago I made my favorite – Hatch Green Chili Chicken Stew.  When I was commuting to Albuquerque from here for work every week ( a very long commute!), I’d bring back a suitcase full of Hatch chilies almost every week and we are finally nearing the end of the supply.  I guess Arthur and I will have to make a trip out there next Fall to replenish the larder.

Tonight’s soup was a wonderful Italian vegetable soup.  And, I’ve just put the huge stock pot on the stove again with another round of trimmings from the onions, garlic and celeriac that I’d used along with the 15 pounds of onions Kyle prepped for the last run of Vermonster.  The stock will simmer overnight which also helps keep the house a bit warmer.  The soup will be seasoned with our new rub/spice mix and will feature beans and vegetables.

May you all stay warm and enjoy some healthy comfort food in your own homes.


Happy 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Our year is off to an exceptionally good start with a feature of our Vermonster product in the Wall Street Journal column “Bits and Bites” by Charlotte Druckman. We were first approached by Ms. Druckman this summer and have had a wonderful correspondence via email as she tried various products and decided what to feature. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen the article…
We are in the article entitled Bits & Bites: Delicious Cupboard Treats

And, we are very proud to announce the launch of our beautiful new website that we have all worked on for many months. It is truly a group effort of our family – Arthur bringing his many years of graphic design and photography experience, Marikje’s art work, photos, design and marketing input, Annalise and me as editors – and the beautiful finished product completed by our very talented production manager, part-time photographer and web master Kyle Blair. Kyle also created the Vermonster mascot!

With the web we are also launching a blog that will help to answer the question I get most often at the farmers markets and other events, “What is Arthur cooking tonight?”. While Arthur is not the only person to cook in the house, we know that many of you wish you could be here with him preparing your meals but sadly, the house isn’t big enough! So, our updates with the blog will give you a sense of what is going on and a way to share some of our favorite recipes.

I’m very excited to announce that cooking class are starting again January 21st! On the website you can find the link to our calendar of events and classes by clicking on the ladle on the top right of the screen. Each class now has a link that will prepare an email for you to send to us to register for a class. Once we receive the email, we will confirm availability and then be in touch with you about how to pay for the class(es). Or, as always, you may call us or send an email directly. A reservation and pre-payment are required for the classes.

This year’s schedule for dinner classes:
January 21st, Asian Cooking and Chinese New Year
January 28th, Moroccan Cooking
February 11th or 18th, 10th Annual French Bistro Valentine’s Day Dinner
February 25th, Curries and the Bay of Bengal
March 10th, Cruise the Eastern Mediterranean
March 24th, Low Glycemic, Low Carb and Delicious!
April 7th, Tour of Italy
April 14th, Vegetarian World Foods
April 21st, Gluten-Free and Loving It!
May 5th, Mexican and Southwestern
May 19th, Barbecue and Grilling

Take-out class:
April 27th, Pizza Take-out

Dinner classes begin at 1 PM and generally run until about midnight. Each participant in the class picks two items from the menu that Arthur has prepared for the topic of the class. All of the class is completely hands-on and culminates with a dinner shared with each person’s guest starting at 7 PM. Classes require a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6. Each dinner class costs $125 including all materials and the dinner for two. The full fee must be paid two weeks prior to the class. If the class is cancelled, a full refund will be made or a credit issued for another class.

Take out classes begin at 3:00 and run until about 7:30. The participant will take home a dinner for at least two, more likely 3 or 4 people. The cost of the Take-out class is $75.

Today I was thinking about all the wonderful writers, columnists, TV reporters and videographers and fans who have helped us build this business over the last 12 years. We feel very lucky to have you all find us!

Please continue to frequent the many wonderful stores carrying our products and to come see us at the various Farmers Markets. We will be at the Burlington indoor market every other week from January 21st until the first weekend of May when the market returns to the outside location. If you’d like to see our products in a store near you, please forward their information to me and I’ll see if they are interested.

May 2012 find us all healthy and happy!

Laurel Shelmandine
aka Mrs. Arthur…

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We’ve Gone Live!

Our new It’s Arthur’s Fault Word press blog has gone live! Keep up to date with new recipes, classes and events going on around your area.