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Onions and more onions…

January 25, 2012

Onions are one of the ingredients that we use in huge quantities for our barbecue and grilling sauces and most of the marinades.  Many years ago Arthur started exploring traditional stock making techniques and I’m so glad that he did!  All the  onion skins, celery tops, celeriac skin and other stock making vegetable trimmings are frozen for us to use when it is soup making season.  Bones from chicken or other meats are also frozen.

This cold snap has caused me to bring out the stock pot, empty the freezer of bags of trimmings and begin to make soups.  We have roasted the bones from about 6 chickens and they are now so dessicated that they easily cut open for adding their sweetness to the stock.  I think of this as the ultimate recycling, even better than composting and we get lovely meals from all these scraps.

A few weeks ago I made my favorite – Hatch Green Chili Chicken Stew.  When I was commuting to Albuquerque from here for work every week ( a very long commute!), I’d bring back a suitcase full of Hatch chilies almost every week and we are finally nearing the end of the supply.  I guess Arthur and I will have to make a trip out there next Fall to replenish the larder.

Tonight’s soup was a wonderful Italian vegetable soup.  And, I’ve just put the huge stock pot on the stove again with another round of trimmings from the onions, garlic and celeriac that I’d used along with the 15 pounds of onions Kyle prepped for the last run of Vermonster.  The stock will simmer overnight which also helps keep the house a bit warmer.  The soup will be seasoned with our new rub/spice mix and will feature beans and vegetables.

May you all stay warm and enjoy some healthy comfort food in your own homes.


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